About us

Via Chiaia 224 – Napoli

Via Francesco Solimena 85A – Napoli

Ottica Esposito is a reality of optical stores in Naples.

His story begins back in 1980. The owner Francesco Esposito, son of the music teacher Geppino, after attending the music conservatory in Naples, under the guidance of his father, enrolled at the Istituto di optics G.l.bernini of Naples.

In 1983, after completing his studies in optics, he found himself catapulted into the world of work, without having any support from anyone in the family, as no family was an optician ...

It is there that Francesco rolls up his sleeves, and begins a long apprenticeship, attending workshops and historical shops of the Neapolitan, finally the "Ten-tenths" chain, in which he refines his experiences becoming the sole responsible of the laboratories.

In 1988 he met a friend of the optical school, the current dr. Smorra Francesco, involving him to start an entrepreneurial adventure, opening the optical store two in Via Speranzella. After more than 4 years of collaboration, they decide that the time has come to embark on their own way, remaining to this day in close collaboration, and mutual respect.

Thus, in February 1992, Ottica Esposito was established with headquarters in via Cimarosa 91, Naples. In 2003 Ottica Esposito moved its headquarters in Via Solimena 85 / Naples Vomero, where it is still ... and will continue to be there for several decades, also because, in the meantime, after several years of practice at the best shops in Campania , the son Giuseppe Fabrizio has also settled in the shop.

The prerogative of Ottica Esposito is undoubtedly professionalism and courtesy ... always trying to update itself both from the point of view of the products, both from a professional point of view, obtaining numerous titles by attending refresher courses E.c.m.

Recently, Ottica Esposito is equipped with highly advanced computer technology programs, with Zeiss's iPad software to simulate the final result of graduated glasses with the various thicknesses, treatments and centering especially of progressive lenses.

We have treated hundreds of brands, but now we are looking for niche glasses.